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Newlyweds ttc also im new to north dakota

My name is Nichole im a young newly wed and currently ttc with my husband but dont have much support since all my family is currently in Texas, where im from. i dont really know how to make friends that i havent grown up with but would love to meet others ttc and other young mothers in our area. we just moved to mcclusky nd, its such a small town that im finding it hard to meet other women around my age or even near it for that matter. lol


Re: Newlyweds ttc also im new to north dakota

  • Hi, Nichole. My Husband (of 8 months) and I, along with my 4y/o just moved to ND. We're originally from Florida. I know what you mean, about moving here and finding it hard to meet people. We've been here since October and haven't been able to meet anybody. New to being a stay at home mom and 7mo pregnant. If you ever need anybody to talk to, let me know. I'm always around

  • A lot of folks meet people at church, especially in small towns.  Also going to the library story times (McClusky probably doesn't have this but Bismarck, Mandan, Minot and other towns that size usually do, maybe even Washburn) you can meet folks.  If all else fails, volunteer.  The humane societies or other organizations are always looking for people to help.  That is what I have done when I have moved to new places (pre-kids).  I hope you start being able to meet some folks!
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