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Wexford Daycare Help - First Time Mom

Hello, I am new to the board.  I will be a first-time mommy this May, and I am looking for a great daycare for my little one.  Does anyone have some good suggestions in the Wexford area?  We are currently looking at Kiddie Academy, Be At Home, Goddard School and TenderCare.  If you have any thoughts on these, or any other suggestions, it's greatly appreciated!  I feel overwhelmed with what to look for!  Thanks so much!

Re: Wexford Daycare Help - First Time Mom

  • I found touring the different options really helped us decide.  Being there and seeing some places made it really obvious which ones we liked and didn't like.  Have you gone on any tours yet?  

    We live a little more north than Wexford, so it might be too far for you, but we picked Allie Alligator learning center in Warrendale, PA.   

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  • Thanks so much for responding! We've toured Be At Home and Kiddie Academy. The first felt comfortable, but I asked if there was a behavior issue or delay, would they work with us or point it out to us, etc. They said they would point out something if they noticed, but we'd likely have to elsewhere for corrective help. But I did like that I could set my own child's schedule and determine what s/he would eat. It felt like an extension of what I would do at home, but they definitely felt relaxed yet structured.

    Kiddie Academy was 180 degrees in the opposite direction, to the point that it was overwhelming an IEP for every child there plus an on staff behavioral specialist! Granted, we toured there in the early morning, but it didn't seem like there was ever quiet it felt overly structured. The food menu was a major concern, too in one week, I saw hamburgers, corn dogs, chicken fingers all for lunch. That won't be a concern until my child is older, but I really didn't like that.

    We're right off of the Warrendale exit, so thanks for the tip about Allie Alligator I'll be sure to check it out. Maybe I'm worrying too much, but the day cares offer so much today, I can't decide if it's all too much, or that yes, kids need this at this young an age now.
  • I cannot rave and rant enough about Goddard!! I toured six different daycares and the minute I walked into Goddard I was sold! My daughter has been attending since last march and we are in LOVE!! I get daily reports of her eating, diapers, naps, etc. She also does a TON of art projects, yoga, reading, and their hygiene levels are impeccable!! Simply the best in Wexford hands down!! You will be amazed at the level there versus any other place. All the teachers are state certified to teach and the security system runs 24 hours a day. I have parent/ teacher conferences and they even take pictures and keep a classroom book for each child so when they leave Goddard you get them all with notes of milestones, pictures, art, etc. I could go on forever. Definitely the finest place around!
  • Thanks for the help!  We went to Allie Alligator - I am trying to decide between them and Be At Home (I think).  I liked AA, but we went in the 3-4 year old, and the teachers were just sitting there looking through a binder while the kids were just doing their own thing.  I don't have anything against kids doing that, but it just felt odd after seeing room after room where the kids were being attended to.  However, the have more flexible policies in place than Be At Home.  I don't know, but I did want to say thanks for the help!  We are still making a decision, and welcome any feedback or suggestions.
  • We go to Tender Care in Wexford and I can't say enough good things about them! We have had a VERY positive experience with them. They are helpful and very flexible. The teacher in the infant room has been there for 12 years- that says something! and the director has been there for a long time too. HTH- GL!
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