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Recommendation for OB that delivers at Mercy?

I am pregnant with my first and would like to deliver at Mercy. I had an appt with Hoffman & Associates but did not particularly care for the office and my experience during the appt. I am trying to find a practice that will deliver at Mercy and has an office somewhere in Lutherville, Towson, Owings Mills or anywhere in that general area. If I can't find a practice I feel comfortable with that delivers at Mercy, GBMC would be my 2nd choice. Thank you for any recommendations/advice/etc that you may have.

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Re: Recommendation for OB that delivers at Mercy?

  • No recs for Mercy but I delivered at GBMC in 2011 and had a wonderful experience there. MY DS was a preemie and I was in high risk for a short while and even with all of my anxiety the nurses and doctors were all wonderful. I see the OBs at Charles Street OBGYN which was rec'd to me by several ladies here. The are right on the GBMC campus and have evening hours which was a plus.
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  • I have no Mercy recs, but I see Dr Kesler who is part of Perinatal Associates and I LOVE her. They have privileges at GBMC.
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  • love kathy sloan's practice - at least from what I hear
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  • Hi! I'm in more or less the same boat, though I'm still trying to decide between Mercy and Hopkins. Anyway, last night I found some great reviews of a Dr. Hopkins-Luna, who admits to Mercy AND has many offices, one of which is in Towson, so pretty close to Lutherville. According to, she's accepting new patients. She's also received the Patient's Choice award and a bunch of positive reviews on both vitals and

     Best of luck! 

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