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I am getting ready to move to salt lake city in the next month or two because DH got a promotion that is taking us from Texas to Utah!  I'm currently 11 weeks preggo and looking to learn a little more about what I should expect upon arriving in Salt Lake.  Would love to hear about local hospitals that are recommended, any OB's that people think are great, maternity and newborn photography.  I'm due July 2013, so i'll be needing to nail down the specifics once we get settled in.  I'll be in the Lehi area, if that's helpful at all.   

 Would also love to make preggo/mommy friends if they are in the area! 

 Any advice would really be great, and I appreciate it in advance! :)  


Re: New to Utah & Expecting!

  • Hi there! I just move to SLC in August and I'm from Texas (Corpus Christi), so I was so excited when I read you're in Texas. I just found out I am pregnant with my first child and had a horrible experience at Foothill Family Clinics (they have OBs & Primary Care Physicians). I spoke to some people who recommended the doctor's at Intermountain Medical Group. You'll find that Intermountain is the bigger medical provider in Utah. I had a minor surgery at one of their hospitals and it was so nice. I have an appointment with Dr. Claire Hoverman next month (she's also a Texan - funny fact). Dr. Hoverman is a new facility and all of the IM hospitals I've seen have been really nice, probably because their new. Here is the IM website. & Gynecology#35655 

    Salt Lake City is a great place. I was a little nervous coming here because of the LDS factor (I'm not LDS), but it really hasn't been an issue at all. There's a lot to do here and it's absolutely beautiful!



  • Thanks so much for your reply! Good to know about Foothill Family Clinics- i'll be sure to avoid that one.  I have heard other good things about Intermountain from a friend of ours that currently lives in Dallas and I think he recommended that one also - so I will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for your feedback on it!


    I am also not LDS- and am also nervous about moving, but I've nothing but great things about the communities and neighborhoods, so I'm looking forward to learning about SLC and the area. Wish I could squeeze some skiing in before the baby- but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen once I start getting huge.  Oh well, there's always next year!


  • Welcome to Utah! Well as far as pediatrician a go my little girl is seeing dr Jennifer Sandvig in the women's center at st marks hospital and she is great. Before our insurance changed we saw dr Ferreira, he took care of her in the hospital when she was born :
  • If you're in lehi, you'll likely want to see a doctor at on of the Utah County hospitals or Riverton Hospital. Riverton Hospital is pretty new and gorgeous! They also have an extension of Primary Children's Hospital there, which is really nice. The pediatrician group there is amazing!!! It is called Southridge Pediatrics and every doctor there is great. Lots of drs deliver there, but one of the larger groups is Western OBGYN. I've never seen them, but I've only heard great things about them. My dr practices across the street at Granger Medical group. His name is Dr Burgett and I LOVE him! But if you want to be closer to home, American Fork Hospital has an amazing group of midwives. Good luck!
    DS 5.5 years old. DD 3.5 years old. Jellybean EDD 8/18/13.
  • Hi!!

    I am a non LDS Utah native but lived in Kansas City for 8 years and Denver for a few before that. I live in SLC and am 39 and just expecting our first in October. Happy to help about the local climate if you need advice :) 


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