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Mommas in the UK

I am in Manchester and I was wondering if anyone else is around as well. Maybe we could get a meet up set up or have a group. Anyone interested? I am dying to get out and meet some new people. 

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  • I'm in London. I've been able to find activities and other meetups through National Children's Trust, look at to find one in your area.

    In the middle of the page there might be a link for Bumps and Babies, that will probably help you find drop-in meetups in your area. GL! 

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  • Oooo thank you! There's a group right across the street from my house! I never even knew! 
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  • Definitely join the NCT, I joined when I was pregnant with ds in London and it was totally worth it.
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  • I definitely will!

    i was also looking forward to meeting some Americans. I joined a Facebook group a while ago but they've never met and can't seem to get together either.

    I guess I'm feeling a bit homesick. Especially now.  

  • Who knows, you might meet some other Americans through NCT. The group closest to me has people from all over. It's been fun to swap stories with them.

  • I'm farther north than you, and know how difficult it can be to find Americans north of London, so you have my sympathies. Want about contacting the universities in town? I know it's a huge university town, so you might have some luck there?
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  • I'm living in Suffolk and am American :) Thanks for the website- will have to check it out!
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