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Introduction & Question

Hello All!
This is my introduction! :) Don't really know how this goes.. but he is some information about me..

- My husband is in the army, we have two kids, our first duty station was in Belgium and now he is about to get deployed.

My question is, is there any particular things that I should buy/get for my husband before he leaves. I was thinking about getting him a portable dvd player. Any suggestions are welcomed!! Thanks!

Re: Introduction & Question

  • My only current experience with deployment is with my father deploying, and he loved having a portable DVD player and tons of DVDs. Now, my dad is upper enlisted, so I am not sure if the rules are more relaxed for him when it comes to personal items, but he also had a Wii while he was there. A handheld gaming device like a 3DS or a PSP might be nice too. Books if he likes to read, an iPod for sure . . . most of all tons of pictures of you and your kids. I would ask your FRG leader or a more experienced wife about any specific restrictions/rules for his rank when it comes to personal items before spending tons of money though! 
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  • My husband used to use a portable DVD player often.  Now he has his Kindle and uses that.  He also has a few thumb drives with movies on them and they watch them on the computers.  

    Send him with a nice set of sheets, a cozy blanket and a couple of decent towels.  There are not too many comforts of home over there, nice linens help make it more comfortable. Plus, he'll think of you when he snuggles into his bed.  Also, send him with a few non-aerosol air fresheners.   Even when it is cold over there, dudes are stinky.  

    When y'all are packing his things, use Space bags.  Those things have helped make packing so much easier for my husband.  We label every bag.  He knows where everything is and it keeps him so much more organized.  He has a ton more room in his personal space, as well.  

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  • Thanks so much for responding! I love you guys ideas!
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