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What diaper rash cream do you use (if you don't CD)?  I am running out of my stash from the US and bought a Hipp brand zinc cream the other day, but it's really too watery for my liking.

So I'm wondering what you all use and where you get it.  TIA! 

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Re: Moms in Germany

  • Can you get sudocrem there? It comes in a grey tub with a red and white label. It's great to get rid of rashes, my friends don't like it much as a barrier, for that they use a Nivea one I think.
    We CD so use coconut oil but man it works and smells yumm, you can use it as a moisturizer and cooking oil too! I get a big tub and divide for usage.
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  • I'm not in Germany but one of the creams we use is by la Roche posay and it is their Cicoplast Baume B5. Yes, a bit expensive but we use it sparingly and for rashes, rather than an every day barrier. We use silcocks base as daily barrier and the start of irritation, but don't know if that is in Germany.
    We use talc to make sure she's fully dry when putting on the nappy too. Only had 1 really bad nappy rash in 21mths
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  • I use Weleda's Babycreme

    You can get it in DM, M?ller, probably in any pharmacy, or just off of amazon. I have to say, though, that I don't know how well it works for real rashes. Thankfully DD has never been prone to them. I just use the Weleda cream when her butt's getting a big red (happens if she poops several times in one day, which is a fairly frequent occurrence).

    Usually I like Hipp's stuff, too, but I've never tried their diaper rash cream before. For a zinc oxide cream, we still have something from the US that my parents brought over.

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  • Not in Germany, but you can buy Mustela correct?  I had some of this for DS and it was pretty good (zinc oxide cream).  Found the link on -


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  • Thanks! I guess I am looking more for a butt paste and a barrier type thing. I will probably check out the weleda one and look into the others. I currently have a mustela brand one that I got in Spain and I find it too watery as well. Makes me think I'm more looking for paste than cream. I've got a good list id things to try out now though. Thanks all!
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  • We use the weleda calendula cream. You want zinc oxide to create the barrier. Most butt creams have it in it.

    You can also use coconut oil.
  • We always used Penaten with my god daughter when I was still at home. I have also only heard good things about the Weleda stuff.

    You could go and get some Hametum cream from the Apotheke to clear up the  rash. I have people ship it to me. I swear by the stuff for just about everything.

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  • Another vote for Penaten.
  • We absolutely swear by this one. My little guy has sensitive skin and is now 18 months and has first rash ever (I ate a lot of ginger and then nursed him....whoops). The cream is easy to use, gentle, and effective.


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