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Prenatal vitamin!

Today I'm 11 wks and I've been feeling so nauseous. Everytime I take my prenatal vitamin I end up gagging myself and throwing up because its so big. Does anyone know a smaller pill I could take or anything else??

Re: Prenatal vitamin!

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    Try Stuart Prenatal Vitamins. My doctor said they were very good and to simply add a DHA and Omega supplement as well. I buy them at CVS and I usually take mine right after my breakfast and have not experienced nausea from them; like I did with my "regular" multivitamin prepregnancy. Hope that helps!
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    The prenatal gummies by vitafusion were much easier on me when I was super nauseated. You can get them at HEB and my OB was fine with me taking them instead. Hope this helps!
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    I also took the prenatal gummies.  They do not contain Iron, so if you have had issues with low iron in the past this is something you will want to watch, possibly take an iron supplement in addition to the prenatals.
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    I also took gummies the first trimester. My Dr wasn't thrilled with them but said taking something is better than throwing up everything.

     I haven't looked into it but I know there is liquid regular vitamins, I wonder if there is liquid prenatals.

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