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Hi, Ladies!

I am a current PA mommy, but my husband and I are looking at possibly relocating to SC after baby #2 is born. He is in the golf industry, and us living in the North hasn't exactly been condusive to his career choice.

We are looking at several place from North Carolina down through Georgia, but I was wondering if anyone has any opinions one way or the other on living in the Hilton Head / Bluffton area.

Upon this move I'm going to make the switch from a working mommy to a stay at home mom (DS = 5 years old, DD = due date is april) - so I'm mainly interested in what is there to do that is kid friendly during the day, what are the schools like, what kind of entertainment is there, how amazing is it to live near the beach (lol), etc. Really, anything!

Thanks girls!

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    My hubby and I are thinking about relocating to that area. Personally, I think it's one of the best areas in the state. I'm from SC and we currently live in the upstate. I'm a teacher and from what I've heard, the schools in that area are some of the best in the state!
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    Just as an update: we have decided to move to bluffton!  we toured the schools, and they seemed great!  i am a teacher too, so i can be tough to please - but, we are very excited!
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    Congrats on your decision to move down here!  We have been in Bluffton for 3.5 years and absolutely love it!  We have one son who will be 2 next month and another LO on the way due in July.  This area has a ton to do with kids and the weather is absolutely fantastic!  If you have any questions specific to Bluffton/Hilton Head feel free to PM me. (that includes any questions you have regarding certain neighborhoods, schools, etc)  I'd be happy to help answer them!  
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    My husband and I live in Beaufort on the marine base and we go to Bluffton all the time. We love it over there.
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