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Thank you *****ttcal mentioned******

This board and all you ladies have been truly amazing and so helpful! I have been a very angry person for the past three months. As hard as it is I have to make some changes. I have started going to theory and it has made a difference. After I lost the twins I was not sure if I ever wanted to be pregnant again. My husband on the other hand felt that it would be very healing for us to try and have another baby. So as a compromise we decided to not try but not prevent.

That plan really did not work very well and honestly made things even more confusing. I came to a crossroads this week and was able to say with still a little guilt but less guilt that yes I would like to have another baby. The thought of being pregnant makes me want to lose it but that is where I am hoping the therapy will help. I think for now it would be best for me to starting going on the ttcal board and checking in here a little less.

I really wanted to let you all know that I appreciate all of your support and insight.  Without you all sharing your stories I would have felt very alone in my grief. Keep supporting and loving each other. This is not a good bye but a see you later.

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  • Good luck!! Just know that the TTCAL board is mostly early losses and so it is sometimes hard to relate there. That is why I came back over here.
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  • Please come to TTCAL. :)

    I had a 2nd trimester twin loss and early on I decided that I needed to be surrounded by other women who were TTC. That board has given me a wealth of support and understanding as I'm trying to find some sort of new normal and gain the courage to start trying again.

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. 


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  • You will be welcomed with warm arms on TTCAL.  When you are ready (if you have not already) post an intro over there. 

    There are a lot of second trimester loss moms over there along with some third tri. I am glad you came to the decision that you were ready to try again (((((hugs)))))

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  • My DH and I are TTCAL as well.  He figured we owed it to ourselves to do so. So, here we are.....doing the deed and it has NOT been easy as I am older and it is not that easy.

     GL to you and your DH.  See you on the TTCAL board. :)

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