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second child and gifts

Parker is currently using L's baby toys and we have plenty.  The Christmas post below reminded me of this.  We are struggling with gifts for him.  So far I got him one of those activity cubes with all the fidgety things and bead maze on the top and a LP firetruck.  I feel kind of guilty for not having a few more presents for him to open.  I don't want to go overboard and we already have a lot of toys for him. 

 Am I crazy for feeling guilty over this? Any suggestions?


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Re: second child and gifts

  • We are right there with you on 2nd child gifts!!! We literally have every infant toy out there that is any good from Colin. B is younger than P, but I got him a crib soother, the new singing disney choo-choo that rolls and sings, a baby einstien DVD that we didn't have and some new LP figures to replace the ones that we lost in the move. That is pretty much it, b/c I know my ILs will buy baby toys too and we already have so much.

    FP has that really cute laugh and learn puppy push toy that is new and has a shape sorter on it. Since P is approaching that 1 yr mark how about something like that to round out what you have for him already? LP makes a cute boat bath toy for the tub. I didn't realize how hard it would be to shop for the 2nd child. GL deciding! 

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  • Can't go wrong with the FP Seahorse.  Its a big win in our house - still.
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  • T is a bit older but he is getting a FP car ramp and some cars and that is his only Santa present. I think it will be fine because at this age I know once he opens it he will be done opening presents and will just want to play.
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  • I feel ya!  We're actually doing a joint gift for the kids.  I got a bunch of Little People sets for them to share (we'll have them set up under the tree).  M loves them and they're safe for J because there's no little parts.  I want to set this precedent for them to share and use it as long as I can.  Next year, they'll probably share a train set.

    As for other gifts just for the baby, he's getting a My Pal Scout and some tub toys.

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  • We're in the same boat.  We ended up deciding on a wagon for the littlest one, so they can both use it.  For her birthday, she got a water table, that they can both use.  :)
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  • This was hard last year when she was 1 and it felt like we already had all the big toddler toys. She got a lot of clothes. Now at 2, I'm finding it much easier b/c she's more into "girlie" stuff. But she still LOVES anything Mickey Mouse or Disney so I do try to get stuff that they will both play with. Anyway, maybe it's harder for those with 2 of the same gender, but for us it did get easier this year.






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