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Postpartum Depression

Is this baby blues or PPD?

Since the birth of my baby 3 weeks ago, I?ve had spells of crying uncontrollably on and off. I feel like a lot of the depression and stress revolves around my challenges with breast feeding. But my mom and husband keep telling me that I look so miserable and that I should be happy.

I had a check up with my OB the other day and was bawling uncontrollably to the point that I could barely talk. Honestly I?m pretty embarrassed now when I think about my behavior but I felt completely out of control. The OB gently told me to make sure I forced myself to get outside and get some sunlight and that I?d feel better.

I forgot to ask him how I?d know if what I?m experiencing is ?baby blues? or PPD?

Re: Is this baby blues or PPD?

  • I actually am having a similar experience.  I had a great pregnancy and birth experience and now I feel like my whole world is collapsing.  Previous to this, including my entire pregnancy, I don't think I ever cried once.  In the past two weeks I have broken down in front of every single person that  has come to my house to visit.  


    I, too, have had problems with breastfeeding, although I cannot say that I think this is where most of my anxiety and depression lies.  I was trying to 'wait it out' a bit, but my husband saw how miserable I was and asked me to call my OB.  I have an appointment Monday.  My best suggestion is to ask for help!  I spoke to a nurse who called my house to see how I was doing.  I asked her if she thought it was too early, and she said it's never too early  to get help when you are not feeling well.  Just the fact that I have an appointment on Monday is getting me through the weekend.

    I hope you feel better soon! 

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  • Please ask your OB about this again...I don't love that (s)he told you to get out side more.    

    Two weeks after my DD was born, I called my OB because I was anxious, short tempered and incredibly sad.  I had it with my first baby too and I knew how detached I was from him.  I refused to let my DD or my toddler son be affected negatively by this and calling my OB was the best decision I  made.  

    I'd say by this point, it's PPD but talk with your OB again.  Good luck!! 

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  • please check out this website.

    there is help available. did your OB give you any paperwork to fill out? (there should be a depression scale). I wish he would have taken you more seriously.

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