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Methodist Medical Center and Natural Birth

I am due the end of March with our first and am planning on delivering at Methodist Medical Center. My Husband and I start Bradley Method classes in about a week, as we want to go all natural for labor and delivery. We are wondering how friendly the hospital really is to this though.

How much monitoring do they force? Activity allowed? Is it a fight to be allowed food/beverage of choice etc? Anybody had experience with asking for delayed cord cutting, no eye ointment (sorry, neither my husband nor myself have V.D.), no Vit K unless trauma warranted? We were wondering also on getting them to limit staff for delivery? (so far, luckily been deemed low risk)

 Our ideal had been a home delivery, but for financial reasons it wasn't do able. The midwives that deliver at Methodist seem to be amazing and a good choice, but we'd like a better idea about the hospital itself. We know they are the staff we will deal with the most. I think our decision at this point is do we think we can go it alone, or is a doula necessary just for the interference factor?

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