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Crazy weight gain

With DS I gained a lot of weight. But, it happened all at the end and was very obvious. My stomach was HUGE (people kept asking me if I was having twins), my face was VERY round, and I had significant weight gain in my arms and legs. I was big all over and just looked awful.

Well, this time I have gained a lot of weight again (40 lbs), but you really can't tell. I'm 5'1" and started out fairly average - thin but not skinny, I was healthy. Well, my legs and arms still look the same size, and my face is maybe a tad bit rounder, but not noticeably unless you compare a picture from the beginning to now and you'll think "Well, I guess your face is a LITTLE bit rounder..." My belly doesn't look huge either. I was talking to my doctor today, and he was like "You've gained 40 lbs? Really?"

I have a week left, and I'm wondering if my LO is going to weigh a lot? This sounds really silly and ridiculous, I know.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced something similar?  


Re: Crazy weight gain

  • I've gained 40 lbs. Too. And I'm about the same height. I'm not sure what your question is the baby going to be big? Not 40lbs!!! Amniotic fluid, placenta, baby and a bit of general weight gain make up that 40. So if your ob isn't concerned then I guess you shouldn't be.
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  • How much weight you gain has no effect on the weight of your baby.  My mother is small and petite and gained 80 lbs with me and I was 5lbs.  She did the same with my sister and my sister was 7 lbs.  I'm short and petite also (5'1) and with all three pregnancies I've gained 25 lbs- my first 2 babies were just over 5lbs and this one is looking to be the same size as well.  All my babies are healthy, its just that I grow "smaller" babies. 
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  • I gained a lot with my first (about 45 lbs.) and baby was 7 lbs 6 oz. I attributed most of my weight gain last time to swelling from summer heat (August baby), but I am following the same trend with this pregnancy. Embarrassed Luckily, my doc isn't concerned and I started this pregnancy 10 lbs down from my last pre-pregnancy weight (both within normal for my height), but it is still a bummer to me. I guess this is just the way my body does pregnancy, as I've eaten pretty well, aside from the few cravings I've given into...
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  • I've been extremely lucky so far.  With my first, I gained 9 pounds and he weighed 7lbs 4oz... and with this pregnancy, I've only gained 5 pounds so far but the doctor estimates that she weighs about 5 - 5.5 lbs so far and I have 3 weeks to go.
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