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First Time Mom - New to the Bump

Hello International Bumpies! I lurked for awhile and posted a few times awhile ago on the International Nesties board, but DH and I just found out we're expecting an August baby, so I thought I'd introduce myself on this board! DH is English and I'm American, we're based in London and I'm so excited to be joining you! Smile

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Re: First Time Mom - New to the Bump

  • Welcome and congrats! I'm an American living in Germany with my German DH and our DD.

    BFP1: DD1 born April 2011 at 34w1d via unplanned c/s due to HELLP, DVT 1 week PP
    BFP2: 3/18/12, blighted ovum, natural m/c @ 7w4d
    BFP3: DD2 born Feb 2013 at 38w4d via unplanned RCS due to uterine dehiscence

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  • Thanks everyone!

    I've been in London for almost 6 years now, with no real plans to move back to the US anytime soon. I'm sure I will need your support in the future when it comes to missing being around my family during all of this change. But for now, I'm just really excited!

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  • Welcome! Both DH and are Americans living in the UK with our two UK-born babies. We have been here a little over 6 years and are currently living in Oxford. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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    m/c at 13 weeks - March 23, 2011
  • Welcome and Congrats :) DH and I are Americans living in northeastern Scotland with our 11 month old DD.



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  • Congratulations on your August baby! I am a Canadian in Scotland and I had an August baby too!
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