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I think I'm signing off for the weekend...

DH and I are arguing how I'm always on here and FB and our home is a mess. Believe me - it's been worse - it's a matter of Hurricane Hayley spreading her toys everywhere as fast as I put them away. And our laundry needs caught up. This is coming from a guy who "claims" to be on his ipod for "2 hrs a day". I call bull. Try 75% of the day. And he will deliberately not put dishes in the dishwasher to make more work for me. I'm as irritated as him. So I may possibly be shutting down the computer til Monday to prove he's wrong (and to track his ipod minutes lol), and get this place sparkling - we'll see though.

Keep the dramaz to a minimum while I'm gone Wink I don't wanna miss any fun!

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Re: I think I'm signing off for the weekend...

  • Sounds like my DH! Somehow wasting time on his car forums isn't anywhere near as bad as me wasting time on TB. Not sure how he figures that!
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