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I'm fairly new to being a military wife. My DH and I got married in May and I moved here in June. Since then I have not made any friends. The only person besides my DH that I hang out with down here is my cousin, who's fiance is stationed here, but possibly not for much longer. I am currently 3 1/2 months pregnant and am having a hard time being "alone". DH works schedule rotates between 3 shifts and I sit home A LOT! While I am lucky that he is on shore duty, it is still hard for me to not have anyone else down here. I am writing this looking for any help on possible groups where I can make friends or anything to get me out of the house!


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  • Have you attended any La Leche League meetings?  They're a great prep if you intend on Breastfeeding. There are tons of meetings all around HR so there's sure to be one you fit into or that fits your schedule. 

     Have you considered taking on a holiday job?  It would get you out of the house, earn some extra cash and possibly introduce you to new people. A lot of retail places are looking for seasonal help. 

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  • I also live in Virginia Beach. I am a part of military wives groups on FB. Many of which include ladies in the Hampton Roads area. The groups are helpful with meeting other ladies in our area. I am here if you ever need someone to talk to. You can PM me if you'd like.
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  • Welcome to the area and welcome to the military family. I am in Norfolk and been in the area for 2 years. There are a lot of groups around here for you to get involved with. I would try looking on, La Leche League, and Facebook. Also, get involved with your FRG as well. Since you are a mother to be, make sure you contact the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society about their Budgeting for Baby class ever and you get a super cute blanket for the baby to be. I've met a few good friends/walking buddies from that class as well. Good luck to you. 
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