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Shaking legs

I noticed about a week ago that on occasion, my LO shakes her right leg, especially when she is waking or when she gets upset.  It happens in both legs but not at the same time.  I forgot to mention it to the doctor when we were there two days ago and I am starting to get concerned that something is wrong.  Is this normal?
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Re: Shaking legs

  • DD2 did this, except it was her left leg.

    Try to catch it on video.

    We went to the ER for it, as the nurse that came over weekly for a couple months seemed worried and told us to go in. Turns out it was nothing. They didn't know what it was but they weren't concerned. Just a wait-and-see thing.

    I don't notice her doing it any more (4 months).

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  • My baby does this too with her right leg. I figured it was just an immature nervous system. I may mention it at the next peds appointment.
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  • My son does this too. I think it's kind of like a muscle spasm. Sometimes my legs do the same thing if I stretch really hard.
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