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Hates tummy time what do you do

So my DD hates tummy time. She is 12 weeks today and any time I put her on her stomached ( no matter where) she will start thrashing her head and scream until she is red in the face and tears are rolling down. She never raises her head. My husband tells me to let her thrash about and cry but I can't do that. What Hoyle I do

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  • My DS is the same way. I think he hates it so much because he just face plants and obviously doesn't want his face mushed on the floor. I just bought him a tummy time mat with a pillow and mirror. He gave me a few minutes before he started crying so it's progress at least. If that fails I try to hold him in different positions throughout the day so he can strengthen his neck as he looks around.
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  • Easier said than done of course, but the more you have LO do it, the better it can get.

    Are you doing tummy time on the floor? Have you tried on your chest? Or proping her up on a Boppy?

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  • Don't push it on her more than she is willing to do.  One of the main reasons for tummy time is to work on the neck and upper body strength.  You can work on the development by using a carrier to keep her up right and work the neck muscles the same way.  For the arms, try propping her up a little bit with a nursing pillow, so that her face isn't on the ground and she may like it better.  This is what has worked for me with both of my kids.
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  • My baby hates it too. But since she hold her head straight up & pushes off her forearms when I hold her upright (towards my shoulder) I don't worry about it.
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  • My DS hated it too...I did as much as he would "let me" in the beginning and I felt like it was probably not enough..a few minutes at a time.

    10 months later...he is fine and has hit all his milestones along the way.

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