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This Lady Got Me Twisted... (long)

Lincoln had a photo shoot this morning and moments before we were to leave he had a massive blowout and needed an emergency shower. This made us late.

I arrive to the mall, unload the stroller and literally start running to the door. As I'm running, a lady verbally accosts me, critcizing my parenting. You see, Lincoln was not wearing socks (because we were running late.)

He was wearing pants, a long-sleeve shirt and a tuxedo jacket. It was in the 70's and humid. He was without socks for less than 15 minutes. I didn't want to dignify her by explaining any of that, though. I simply yelled out, 'Thanks for the unsolicited parenting advice!' She kept hurling criticisms and I kept running so as not to miss my appointment.

Several people have told me they would've yelled back, etc. First and foremost, I know it is ridiculous to care what a stranger thinks, but for some illogical reason, it hurt my feelings to have my parenting criticized. Like most moms, I try to do my best. 

Secondly, to scream at a stranger is an indicator of mental instability, so I wasn't going to jeopardize my kid's safety to tell her about herself.

Third, I try to be kind. As a rule of thumb. So, I didn't curse at her, or remind her that her own toddler was walking behind her in the parking lot, at the mall, during the holidays. 'Cuz ya know, that's safer than being without socks.

Blugh. I need to resolve not to let her ruin my day. I would never tear down another mom. Personally, I only think advice should be given when someone asks, or when it is life-threatening. But that's just me. Clearly she wasn't concerned that she might offend me. Now that my vent is over, she no longer gets to control my day. She is stripped of her power. Sorry this was long-if you made it through you get some spiked cyber eggnog! 


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Re: This Lady Got Me Twisted... (long)

  • Some people are just quick to judge.

    Just think of it this way something so miserable is going on in her life that she needs to try and make others feel her misery.

    The other day we where at Target and the lady in front with her two boys where in checkout and the lady behind us made the remark look at that boy he doesn't have his correct shoes on. Well the lady in front didn't hear but I made the comment look Logan his mommy is buying new shoes for him and I just gave the good ol'stare at the quick to judge lady. That shut her up. Some people.

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  • It was raining and 50* here today.  I had to go to the grocery store.  It was pouring when we got there, and Otis had removed his shoes AND socks while in the backseat.  I had all 3 of the boys with me.  I wasn't going to bother with his socks and shoes just to go in the store where he sits in the cart the entire time.  

    I'd have loved to hear someone make a comment about it.  

    MC, don't stress.  Easier said that done, I know.  I ALWAYS think of the best quips way after the fact, but that only proves that I'd be letting the situation bother me for way longer than it should have.  Let it go, snuggle with your babe and enjoy those precious photos (which you intend to share here, right?).


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  • Really?  This lady had nothing better to do than actually make a comment aloud to you about his bare feet?  She's obviously crazy, don't let it get to you!

    I have had a handful of people (strangers) make comments to me at the supermarket because DD would be in the cart in her socks only, no shoes.  This was before she was even walking.  I'd always say, "Why would she need shoes, she can't even walk!"

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