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Do you make your bed?

I'm just curious.

 I grew up in a "we make the beds" family.  All beds were made before the day got started.

My husband grew up in a "no need to make the bed, no one will see them" family.

When we first got married it drove me NUTS that he didn't make the bed.  Now I'm about 50/50 with bed making (maybe less).

What is the consensus?  Who does/doesn't make the bed? 

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Re: Do you make your bed?

  • I make them after I wash the bedding. The rest of the time they go unmade.
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  • Both of our boys beds are made every morning when they get up. Ours on the other hand is made about 50% of the time. My FI works 2nds so is still in bed when I get up and will sometimes make it sometimes not. But Ill usually make our bed in the evening.
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  • I make all the beds every morning
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  • I'm in the do not make them category. Unless I have company coming or like the PP when I'm washing everything.
  • I make everyone's bed every morning.  I hate getting into a messy bed. 
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  • Yes, either my husband or I make the bed daily.  We wash the bedding once a week. 

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  • Nope, never, not since DH and I started living together.  And I grew up always making my bed.

    When I worked, DH was always still in bed when I left for work.  I gave up years ago trying to get him to make the bed when he got up.  It's really not a big deal to me.

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  • I do everyday.  It is more because I am a complete type-A, neat freak!!

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    I'm in the do not make them category. Unless I have company coming or like the PP when I'm washing everything.
    This is me. I will fully admit I am pretty lazy in the housekeeping dept
    This is me too. Between the husband, the kids, and the animals, keeping beds looking presentable is a serious exercise in futility.

    I am completely lazy in the housework department, but I just think making beds is one of those things that takes such a minimal effort, yet instantly makes a room look clean, even if the floors haven't been done in several weeks ;)

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  • I am a super tidy person.  The bed has to be made every morning.  DH helps me and it only takes a minute. 
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  • Dh gets up before me and is at work before I wake up. He always makes his side of the bed. I have no idea why he does it but I think its funny BC I'm still in bed so have the bed is nice and neat and the other have is a mess. That's usually how it stays the rest of the day too.
  • Only if I'm changing the sheets or we're expecting company.

  • I do now. I heard a saying about a month ago that if you make your bed, the day will go better. So now I do.
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    I make the bed in that I at least throw the comforter up over the pillows and smooth it out. Sometimes I put the pillows on top. Takes 2 seconds. Otherwise I feel stressed. A made bed makes sooo much of a difference in my day. DD is still in a crib but when she moves to a toddler bed we'll do the same.


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  • I make it every day.  I feel better getting back into it if it has been made.  DH thinks I am nuts, and he could care less about it being made.  He leaves for work at 5:30 and I don't get up till 6, so most of the time I make it anyway.  On the weekend he will make it because he knows it bothers me.  
  • I usually make the bed.  No one cares about it but me and I grew up in a family who didn't do it.  I don't know why, it just makes me feel better so I do it.  I haven't made it the last few days though.  I'm just trying to get done what I have to so that has dropped to the bottom of the list :(
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  • Yes, everyday and I change the sheets at least once a week.  My husband could care less but does occasionally make our bed or DD's bed just because it makes me happy:)
  • I do if I remember and get around to it. I go through good periods where it happens daily and bad periods where it only happens when I change the sheets.  Always if we know company is coming over.
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  • image KateB1984:
    Rarely. I used to always do it, but DS2 and DD are early risers, so I usually fall out of bed and rush to get the awake child before the other two wake up. I hustle them downstairs and then don't see my bed again until I'm crawling back into it at night.

    This is my situation. Usually up with the boys by 5:30 and I hustle to get them so no.
  • Yes, every morning.
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  • Yes, otherwise every time I walk by the room I feel like I am not on top of my life.  All the sheets are changed weekly too. 

    And I guess a perk to still using a sleep sack with DS is there is not much to do in that dept!  

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  • image Cherryblossoms07:
    I make everyone's bed every morning.  I hate getting into a messy bed. 

    I agree. My kids' beds are kind of harder to make but we try. :) 

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  • We recently moved into a new house we bought, rather than the rental (thank god) but we lost a bedroom. So now that my "office" is in our bedroom I can't handle the mess. Our bedroom has never been so clean! 

    Yes I make my bed every day, not right away but before I get to work.


    LO is still in a crib, and so there's nothing to make yet. But I imagine i'll make his bed too in the future.  

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  • We don't...I actually wish we did, but I just never end up doing it unless we're changing sheets.  For awhile (and by that I mean 3 weeks max) I did it everyday and really liked it, but that didn't last long.

    It doesn't make much sense for me to make it in the morning because I still lay down and take a nap everyday when DS does!  

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  • I do not make the bed when I get up.  The kids don't make their beds.  I pull the sheets and comforter up when I fold clothes.  Every other day the bed feels made when you climb in.

  • I never make our bed unless I'm putting clean sheets on.  Sometimes I'll make it if we have company and there is a chance they might peek in our room.




  • Clearly I live under a rock. I make my bed everyday. I thought everyone did! 
  • Yes!  Complete with 4-5 big decorative pillows on top.   It makes me crazy when my bed isn't made.  
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  • If no one is coming over, then I half make the bed. Meaning I just leave the fancy pillows off. If i know people are coming over, I prop all the pretty pillows up properly. Regardless, I make it (mostly) every day. It makes me feel like my whole room is a disaster if not.

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  • I don't but someday I might.  Our youngest naps on our bed so it's in use at least once during the day and my husband and I each use a different blanket during the winter to keep our sanity so it's pretty much usless to make our bed.  I wouldn't even think of making our oldests bed because she makes forts and "beds" out of her blankets all the time so 99% of the time we are getting her blankets from the living room to take to her bed at night.

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  • I make mine every day but my hubby is the same. When he does make the bed (to make me happy), it's usually not to my standards anyway :)
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  • I turn around and make the bed the minute I get out of it. I hate to see an unmade bed. I do it in hotels to, when there are housekeepers to do it for me. DH gets annoyed at that but I can't help it. 

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  • We don't make the bed.  I only make it when I put new sheets on....maybe.  Or if a friend is going to be in my room for some wierd reason or another.

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