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Traveling with baby

I'm looking for advice for making formula while on the go. I'll be traveling with my LO on a plane from LA to Pittsburgh. He is breast fed but I supplement with formula. During the flight he will need a bottle of formula. I have a powder formula dispenser, my question is in regards to the water. Do I sterilize the water and put it in sterile bottles until I'm ready to mix the formula. Do I just use regular bottled water? I'd appreciate any advice!

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  • When I supplemented with DS1, I always just used regular bottled water.
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  • I put the amount of water in the bottle ahead of time and put the lid on and just use the water you would use at home. Also bring an extra bottle with you so you don't have to worry about it in case the plane gets delayed. I have a two gallon jug of water at home and we keep it room temp for our bottles.

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  • I am not sure what kind of formula you use but you could also buy the liquid version of the formula just for the plane ride.  It's already mixed and sterile and you can bring it on the plane in quantities larger than 3 oz you just need to declare it when you go through security.  This is what we did with DD1.

  • My LO likes warm bottles so I would bring an empty travel mug with a screw on top or a small thermos, get through security then ask at Starbucks or a restaurant for boiling water.
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  • WillnTSA allow water in baby bottles thru security if its not mixed with formula?
  • I also thought about using the premixed but doesn't it need to be refridgated? Did you just bring the whole thing through? Or pour it into bottles?


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