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Apple Butter

I have a massive vat of it simmering on the stove! I'm so excited :-) This is the first time I've made it alone, although my mom and I have done it a lot together (we even did jars of it for our wedding favors). It's making the house smell awesome... I just love canning. I'm using this recipe (sorry it's not clicky):

What are you up to today??

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Re: Apple Butter

  • I made a couple batches of crockpot apple butter last year.  It was so good and so easy to make.

    Today, we went to the mall for something the store did not carry, came home took recycling and got a few things from the gluten free store & picked up Tay.  Had lunch and doing laundry.

  • Sounds yummy!

    DS and I made brownies this afternoon. Can't wait to have them after dinner!

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  • My SIL gave my DH apple butter for his birthday, and it's left us wondering what on earth do we do with it. We apple butter virgins. What do you eat it with?
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