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FB sucks. (pg mentioned, not mine)

It feels like at least once a week (if not more frequently) someone is announcing their pg or showing of pictures on their newborn on FB. I know others have vented about this previously but it really hadn't hit home with me until this year. I hate it.

If I hide them all I'll have no friends left!  

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Re: FB sucks. (pg mentioned, not mine)

  • I hear ya! A few days ago I logged on to see a sonogram pic...I immediately un-friended her!

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  • I know exactly what you mean, things of FB can defiantly blindside you when you least expect it! Huge hugs
    (USE TO BE, WISH2BEMOMMY). 1st BFP ever Aug. 16, 2010.... 1st OB appt. Sept. 8, 2010, u/s showed poss. blighted ovum.... b/w 9/8/10 22,698 b/w 9/10/10 14,521.... mmc confirmed, started naturally m/c 9/15/10, d & c 9/16/10 I love you my precious monkey!! 2nd BFP March 2011.... c/p, miss you lil one!! 3rd BFP Nov. 20, 2011, subcornial hemorrhage detected 11/24/11 heartbeat found.... LO's heartbeat lost 11/25/11.... d & c 11/26/11..... I love and miss you so much baby!!!! C/P 4/26/12.... gone before I knew you.... off BCP 10-1-13.. BFP 11-20-13.. SCH for 7 weeks.. 3-4-14: It's a Girl!.. 4-22-12 emergency cerclage placed..7-7-14 cerclage removed at 36w.. delivered Lillian Marie 7-28-14..
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  • I know the feeling. Three times just this week. Two announcements and one brand new baby. It's enough to make me want to boycott FB too. Sigh...hugs!
    BFP #1 8/25/12 EDD 4/28/13 Blighted Ovum, D&C 9/20/12 at 8w6d. I'll always remember the first one. My baby Grace. BFP #2 12/26/12 EDD 9/4/13. DS born 9/7/13. My sweet rainbow.
  • I totally know how you feel. I swear atleast once a week something happens. It is so annoying. I hated when people posted ultrasound pics before just because I think it is odd but now I hate it a million times more.
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  • image car seat:
    FB can DIAF.

    I've seen you use this a couple different times over the past few days, and I had no idea what it meant.  I just googled it.  New favorite interwebs acronym found!  I actually have a coworker who drives me so damn batty that, for years, I've been saying I'd like to set him on fire.  It's an ongoing joke with other coworkers, who also can't stand him - "Time to get out your matches" or "Are you stocked up on gasoline?"

    I'm evil.

    Dandy, I agree with car seat - FB should DIAF.

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  • I'm sorry dandy :( It's just not fair. Big ((hugs))

  • I logged onto facebook today to an US picture, and 2 posts down was someone announcing baby number 2.
    Im sorry I can totally relate to how you feel. *HUGS*
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