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6 month old formula amounts?

Jaxon is 6 months now. He's been eating 4 oz of formula with rice cereal in it every 3-4 hours. He also has fruit baby food in the morning and usually a veggie/meat for lunch/dinner. Sometimes for dinner he eats what I eat (mashed up of course) potatoes, carrots, etc. Should he be eating more than 4 oz at a time? He's 18 pounds.

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Re: 6 month old formula amounts?

  • My 6 month old has about 30 oz. a day, so a 6 oz. bottle every 3 hours of staright formula.  Sometimes a little more (another 4-6 oz.) if needed.  We were doing the 4oz. bottle every two hours, but upped it a few weeks ago.  She has just started having a puree/rice cereal in the morning and afternoon.



  • I think that sounds normal for the amount of solids he is getting.  My LO is getting 2-3 meals per day and will sometimes take 6oz and sometimes 4-5oz.  I guess it depends on how full he is.
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  • My daughter only eats 4 ounces at a time, but she eats often. 
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