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Flying alone with LO?

Flying alone with LO?

 Would you fly by yourself with a new born? My dad offered to fly us to Miami for a week in February, but DH can't go... I would have help while there, just not on the plane... It's only a three hour flight, but it would be the first time i fly with Ethan... Thoughts?

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Re: Flying alone with LO?

  • Flying when they are little is easy. Gate check the stroller. Bring a sling and wear her on the plane. I just nursed when ever my ds got fussy or bring lots of ff and pacis


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  • I would! I'm flying alone with DS in a few weeks for Christmas and then DH is joining us a week later.
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  • Yep! I flew alone with my twins when they were 5 months and have continued to do so every 6 mos or so since then. I plan to fly alone with all 3 in early spring. Go for it and enjoy!
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  • With just one?  Absolutely.  I had the choice to fly to Michigan this weekend for an army event (all expenses paid) and declined because I'm not ready to travel with 2 by myself.  I will make the trip for the next event in April though.  And I'm contemplating an 11hr road trip with both girls in March.
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  • I would.  It's pretty easy when they are this little.  I've flown alone probably 20+ times with DS1, from the time he was a newborn on.
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