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How do you introduce formula to EBF baby?

I EBF my son who is 5 1/2 months. I'm a SAHM, so I don't pump at all either. I just started selling Pampered Chef, so I'm going to have to leave for a few hours here and there when I have shows to do. How do I go about introducing formula just for those few occasions? I've started to introduce him to veggies, so my only thought was to maybe give him some oatmeal or something for breakfast and mix it with formula so it's sort of just like a new taste just like his veggies are. Any suggestions appreciated! :-)
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Re: How do you introduce formula to EBF baby?

  • If you plan to continue breastfeeding, it is better if you pump.  If he has a bottle and you don't pump to replace that feeding, your supply will be affected.

    Try pumping a little after your morning feeding to build a bit of a stash.  It make take you a few pump sessions to get enough for a feeding.  If you need to supplement with formula, just remember to pump when she has the bottle to keep your supply up. 

     As for introducing the bottle...pick a feeding when you know he'll be hungry and give him one bottle a day so he stays used to it.  Pick a bottle that is shaped more like a breast so that he has to latch with a big open mouth (wider base).  Companies that make breast pumps, ie. Medela tend to have good nipples for breast fed babies.

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  • I SAH and I use a manual pump for the few times that Ds gets a bottle.

    If you pump first thing in the morning, you may get enough for a feeding. I know I do just out of one boob!
  • My Lo is breast fed too and a couple of times I tried to offer him formula and he refused it! This is actually an issue for us lately! I went on a school trip with my older son last week. I only pumped enough for one bottle but LO needed 2 bottles while I was gone. My parents offered him formula in the second bottle and he refused to eat. He cried himself to sleep, he would not take the formula!

    Hopefully you will have more luck but I have found that I just have to pump enough milk for him or else I cant leave him. Maybe just try pumping once a day everyday to stock up for when you need it. I hate pumping too but I dont want to leave him hungry. Good Luck!

  • Yeah got to say that this late in the game, if you CAN, pump/hand express some breast milk. LLL has some tips on hand expressing.

    Has he ever taken a bottle? 'cause that's a whole other row to hoe. LO might have a particular bottle that he will or won't take. And you'll have way more success with breast milk in the bottle than formula. Also, if he hasn't taken a bottle ever, you might try starting with a sippy or straw cup. Better for oral development I hear.


    If you can't pump/express enough you can maybe mix formula in. We started doing this during the week since I don't pump quite what LO needs.

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  • Thanks everybody. I actually have an electric pump and I used to pump in the beginning, but I just found it wasn't really necessary because I never left him long enough for him to even need it. There was only one occasion that my MIL babysat and gave him a bottle, but that was maybe 2 months ago. I definitely think that I would just start him on a sippy cup. I guess my big thing is that he would only need it maybe once a week, so even if I did pump, I don't know how I'd even get enough for a cupful when I'm not doing it on a regular basis. KWIM? I have a 3 yr old too, so it's really hard to pump on a regular basis.
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  • I ebf DS and now at 5 months he won't take a bottle or sippy cup. Are you thinking yours will?
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  • image catmtl:
    I ebf DS and now at 5 months he won't take a bottle or sippy cup. Are you thinking yours will?

     I have no clue if he would or not. He has once before after not having a bottle ever, but I can't even say for sure. We were just going to give it a shot. If all else fails, DH will just have to feed him baby food to hold him over until I get home, which may even be our best bet anyway... 

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  • hi...just to let you know that it is not impossible for ebf baby to take a bottle of formula.i am also a SAHM and my son is 4 1/2 months old.He was EBF and he would never take a bottle of pumped milk or formula.So whenever i had to go out, i had to wait for his feeding and then again come back within the next feeding.Last week we started him on formula.Like PP said i picked a time when he was feeling  hungry and gave him the bottle.He did not take at and screamed bloody murder.I tried to calm him first and then when he got relaxed i gave him the bottle again.This happened over and over for 45 minutes and finally he gave in and took the bottle.But then again he got upset.I tried medium flow nipple and he took the bottle without any frustration.Also my ped had suggested that i warm the bottle a tiny bit because when you breast feed the milk will be little warm(not too warm)just like your body temp.So i warmed the bottle just a little bit and gave it to him.over the weekend i gave him formula during the day just to let  him get the hang of it.(i was also pumping whenever he took a bottle).Everyone had told me its too late to make him take a bottle.This might or might not work for you.But its worth a try.Also try running the nipple under warm water just a little bit.Now i give him one bottle of formula a day to make sure that he doesnt forget how to take a bottle.Also i give him one bottle of pumped milk in the morning.Key is to be consistent.Try for atleast 30 mins and also offer the bottle after the baby has calmed down.HTH. 
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  • Also i found that if i place him in my lap and try to give him a bottle he would never take it because he expects me to breast feed if i place him in my lap.So i place him in his bouncer and give him the bottle.
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