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Recs for warm clothes & gloves for men?

I'm trying to figure out what to buy our former foster son's father. We've been very fortunate to have a good relationship with him. He allows our former foster son to visit whenever we wish (we live in another state now), he sends pics and he texts and calls for parenting advice.

He works nights outside in the terrible cold and walks everywhere since they don't have a car. I was thinking of buying him some high quality winter gloves, socks and maybe a thermal or something to wear under his coat. Any recommendations?

Re: Recs for warm clothes & gloves for men?

  • Northface.  Not sure how much you want to spend. 
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  • Carhartt, LLBean, SmartWool for socks


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  • Northface gloves are really warm. I got some on sale last year for 10$ or 15$. You could also send him hand warmers. The store-bought ones that you squeeze to heat up are nice but there are also a lot of tutorials for making them on pinterest.
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  • North Face and Under Armour are the brands that I would buy for cold weather gear. 
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  • My husband loves under armour shirts for when he's working outside. 
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  • Thanks, ladies!! This was incredibly helpful!
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