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If your supply is low:

I started this MSPI diet and went from pumping 10oz each session to barely 4oz in two days.

I didn't want to take blessed thistle because I've read that it can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, and a lot of gas, and I already have digestive issues, TBH. I didn't want to try fenugreek because I didn't want to smell like syrup. So I called my LC.

She told me to take calcium,magnesium, and zinc. It comes in one pill, three times a day to increase supply and two times a day to keep it steady. I took it for the first time last night and I'm already back up to my 10oz!

Anyways, worth a shot. Something about the extra calcium and the magnesium and zinc help it absorb into your body faster and more efficiently.

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Re: If your supply is low:

  • what is the name of the pill/brand?  i'd love to try it, my supply is always on the edge of low and i've been contemplating starting to supplement. 

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  • Wow!  I'd love to try it as well.  I barely pump 2-3 oz per session and we've been having to supplement with formula during the day at daycare.
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  • Cool.  Is it safe to take if you're still taking prenatals?

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  • image MPJR91910:
    Cool.nbsp; Is it safe to take if you're still taking prenatals?

    Yes, its just three extra vitamins! Its called "calcium, magnesium, and zinc." I bought my bottle at CVS...they're BOGO this week!
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