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TGI Friday!  If you have a list post it.


Tidy up the house

Do a little shopping

    Christmas presents, craft materials, etc.

Go out to lunch with the kids

Work on scrapbooks

Walk the dog


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Re: To-do's:

  • Dentist for me DONe

    Haircut for me  DONE

    Flu shots for both of us DONE

    exchange some scrapbook things that don't work in my book

    put a few things on Craigslist

    take stuff to the recycling center DONe

    write a few thank you notes

    make Christmas cards

    work on DDs birthday book

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  • Laundry
    Wrap presents
    Clean the house
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  • Taking the girls to school then going to the mall to buy the Nike Fuelband I want. 
    I need to do laundry and get my workout in too...  not sure what else I'll accomplish.

  • Morning Pick Up (done)

     Get stamps from the post office

    Take my car back to the dealership to get worked on ( was there all last week and only had it home for a few days)

      Get some frames from Goodwill

    Spray paint for the frames

    Order pictures

    Finish up Christmas Cards (seal and stamp) 

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