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Finally, Aidan Cole has arrived!

Will try to post a pic soon. At 40 weeks 2 days, my water broke at 4am on Thursday 11/29. It was soupy and yellow which turned out to be meconium. Got to the hospital at 6:15am and was still only 3cm dilated, as I had been for the past week, but I was having good contractions 2 to 4 mins apart.

After that hopeful start, things stalled. I wasn't dilating any more and my contractions no longer had any sort of pattern. They started me on pitocin which made them stronger, but still not regular and no further dilation. Late in the afternoon they started hitting a 9 on the pain scale so I got an epidural which was the best thing ever lol. Soon after I was 7.5cm!

Around 5:30pm they checked me again and I was 10cm and 100 percent effaced. Problem was, baby was facing the wrong way and was only at a negative 1 station. After flipping from side to side I started pushing at 9pm, hoping to bring him down. After 1.5 hrs there had been no progress. I was completely exhausted and the dr was concerned about the meconium, so we agreed to a csection. I cried so much because I had tried so hard and felt like a failure.

Turns out, there was no way I could have had him vaginally. At 11:39pm on 11/29, Aidan Cole was born, weighing 8 lbs 12.4 ounces and 21 inches long. He is big, beautiful, and absolutely perfect, with a head full of dark brown hair and my husband's long fingers. So far he has been one of the calmest and quietest babies I have ever seen, but he is continuing to be stubborn and won't breastfeed very well. I am so in love though...he is so worth it all.
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Re: Finally, Aidan Cole has arrived!

  • Congrats, and welcome baby Aidan! Sorry about the unexpected csection, it sounds like he was worth all the extra trouble though. I hope BFing starts to go more smoothly soon. It can be so hard in the beginning. Don't be shy about calling in the LC!
  • Congrats momma! And welcome Aidan!
  • Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the c-section.
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  • Congratulations!! 
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  • A big healthy baby is never a failure, congrats!
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