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Robert Hadden at Columbia

Hi, New York mamas!

Dr. Hadden cared for me during both of my pregnancies, and I loved him! I had an appointment for my annual exam in October, but a member of his office staff called me at that time to ask me to reschedule for November because he was supposed to be out on medical leave until then. I just called back to try to make an appointment and was told that he is still not back and that he might not return. Is anyone else his patient? Do you know if he is coming back? I hope he's okay! If he's leaving for good, I'll have to switch to one of the other doctors in his group. Does anyone see Dr. Holden?

Re: Robert Hadden at Columbia

  • I see Dr. Holden.  I definitely like him my only issue is that he is very laid-back and sometimes I wonder if he is too laid back and I need to be more proactive about my questions.  Otherwise, he is funny, kind, comforting- I would recommend him.  He also just had his third child and his wife delivered at Columbia so it's good to know he trusts the hospital.  Sometimes the wait at his office is very long but that's nothing new in terms of OB's I guess.  Good luck!
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