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Being induced Friday!

I can't believe that after going into preterm labor at 33 weeks, I am now having to serve my babies an eviction notice tomorrow 38w1d! Amazing what a difference slowing down these babies don't want to come out :
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Re: Being induced Friday!

  • You did a good job cooking them! Good luck momma! Keep us updated!


  • Awesome news!  I am at 33 weeks today with twins, and I would love it if they cooked until 38 weeks. Good luck!
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  • I agree!! Great job cooking them.  I hope to keep mine in that long too.

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  • That is awesome!! You should be proud of yourself, slowing down isn't easy at all even when you know it's a means to an end. Very exciting - good luck! Also, do you mean today or next Friday?
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  • Great job on bed rest! Good luck today, post pictures when you have a moment.
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  • You did a good job cooking them! Good luck momma! Keep us updated!


  • Congratulations!  Good luck today!
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  • Good luck today!



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    6/14 start Lupron for IVF #1.2. 6/22 start stims.
    7/4 ER and Biopsy.
    7/9 Transferred 2 (1-4BB and 1-3BB) embryos.  4 frosties.
    7/15 +HPT 6dp5dt. 7/18 Beta #1: 193. 7/20 Beta #2: 415.
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  • Hope everything goes well!
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  • Congratulations!  You've done so well!  Enjoy your babies. :)
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