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Baby dropped early...?

Ok so right now I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I absolutely felt my daughter drop a couple of weeks ago or at least I think I did. I remember being 33 weeks pregnant and absolutely high like a basketball and I couldn't breath, my ribs hurt, those things that go wrong when you're baby is up high. One morning I woke up and I could breath my stomach was low and where she was kicking was a lot lower than it had been the previous day. 

Also since then, my pevlic pain is getting more and more intense the heavier that she gets. I swear sometimes it feels like my water is just straight up going to bust but, my OB hasn't mentioned anything about her being low. Is it possible she can come earlier because she dropped early, or is that normal timing for a baby to drop? 

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Re: Baby dropped early...?

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    Apparently baby dropping doesn't mean anything. I am 39 weeks pregnant and she drops one moment and comes back up the next. My MW says dropping doesn't really predict delivery. So I don't think you have anything to worry about. Good luck!
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    If this is your first pregnancy, it's expected that the baby will drop early.  And even for  a STM, it's not really an indicator of anything.
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