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moving bedtime?

My baby usually goes to sleep around 1015 and then sleep until 3. Then she sleeps until 8ish after that. I would very much prefer it if she went to bed earlier then 1015 but she never does. I generally have to keep putting her down for naps until then since she will only sleep for an hour at most before 10. Is there anything I can do to try to move her bedtime up? I'm a morning person and am beat by 9. She got her night owl tendencies from her dad!

Re: moving bedtime?

  • How long is she awake between naps?
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  • I suggest coming up with a time that you just don't allow naps after. (like even if she wakes up don't take her out of the nursery, just hold/feed/rock her in there until she goes back down--I know could be long at first)

    For us it's no naps after 5pm. Then I work real hard to play with her and tire her out for the next hour or so. Then at 6pm we start our bedtime routine, which is different from nap routine. I think routines & cues to distinguish nap from bedtime would help. For example naps I don't pull curtains so still plenty of light in the room. I also read her a book before naptime. However at bedtime, 6pm I do lotion, pjs then feed her, wrap her and put her down. At this point the room is pitch dark.

     Hopefully making naps different from bedtime and cutting off short naps at night will help. I'd die without my night time to wind down before bed. Thankfully LO is usually in bed by 7pm so I have 3 hours or so to do mindless things before sleep :) Good luck.

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