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I'm a new sahm, my daughter is 4 months. We moved to a new city while I was pregnant, so I don't know any other Mom's here. I try to keep busy with her and go to postnatal yoga with her once a week, but sometimes it just gets lonely. I value my time with my daughter and husband, but sometimes I just need a break and more adult contact. I can only commute to my home town so much to meet up with friends there. Any suggestions on some things to do to keep busy with her or how to meet other moms?

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  • Check out some local libraries for story time. That's where I started and I met a couple of friends there and also heard about 2 different play groups at story time that I joined! It will take some time but just dive right in
  • I will definitely try that! Thank you!!
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  • MOPS or Moms Club are both national organizations that provide daytime support to SAHM's.  Google either to find a chapter near you.

    I so understand.  I moved from KS to ND when I was 26 weeks PG w/ DD2.  I was miserable that first winter.  I made myself get out twice a week for a while, then it became easier and I get out all the time now.

  • I understand what you're going through. I moved to a new state when my daughters were 5 months old. I found it pretty easy to meet people when you're a new mom. So many are in your position and looking for new mom friends.

    Some places to meet others: library story times, Gymboree, Park District Mommy & Me classes, Meetup.com (if there isn't a mom group, you can start one), MOPs, La Leche League meetings if you're breastfeeding

    Take your daughter with you to the grocery store, target, etc. Take her to the pet store to see the fish and the small animals. Take a class with her. You can volunteer to do Meals on Wheels or visit people at a nursing home and bring her along.

    Start looking for a babysitter now. You may not be ready to leave her with someone yet, but it will put your mind at ease just knowing you have a person to call in case of an emergency (e.g. you are sick or there is a hospitalization, etc). We had good luck on both care.com and sittercity.com

  • Thank you so much for the suggestions. I'm glad to know I'm not the only Mom that has gone through this either. I'm definitely going to try these outlets and get out there and out of my "rut".
  • I also started SAH when we moved to a new town.  It's definitely an adjustment.   

    Joining MOPS totally changed my SAHM life.  I've meet so many awesome moms and a few of them I get together with regularly.  In fact this weekend we're having a girl's night out. 

    One other thing I did was on my local Bump board ask if anyone wanted to meet up for a playdate or mall walking.  I know it sounds weird but I did meet a great friend that way as well.




  • I am also in a new area.  I used Meetup.com and found some success. The odds are slim but,  if you happen to be near DC, Maryland area, I would meetup with you.
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  • I'm not there yet; still pregnant.  But, I have already started looking into things for when I am in that situation.  Try International Moms Club.  momsclub.org.


    They have local chapters and offer daytime get-togethers and such.

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