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TERRIBLE dropoffs, help!

DD1 has been going to the same preschool for over a year. Changed rooms in June, all was fine. Now, for the past month or so, she went from running to her friends happily to crying, clinging, hysteria at dropoff. We have talked to her teacher who says she seems happy throughout the day and she seems happy at pickup. I'm still worried. Help me out here, please, is this a phase or something I should b concerned about? FWIW, she potty trained about 2 months ago. No other new stuff at school like staff changes or friends leaving. TIA!
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Re: TERRIBLE dropoffs, help!

  • My DS has always been on & off hard at drop off since he was old enough to do that but shortly before 3 it got so much worse and unbearable for a couple months... he still has his days but it did pass...one thing I did was to reward him w/ ipad play time after pick up if he had a good drop off b/c he loves the ipad. we did move earlier in the year & he had a number of changes so I think a lot of his was related to that but also his personality and a phase & who knows. 3 is tough for sure. my DD (twins) is beyond clingy to me for the few months though not at school dropoff but she always wants to be w/ me, not go w/ her dad if we give her a choice to do something w/ me or him even if she likes to do whatever he's going to do, gets upset if we have a sitter or my mom stay w/ her, will only ride w/ my on the carousel at hte museum, etc etc.... It is a phase I'm hoping will end SOON!

    maybe if you don't feel it is anything about school in particular, you can work on the behavior w/ a reward at the end of the day?

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    Could be a phase...have you asked her why she's upset at dropoffs?

    Yeah... she just says, I want mama or I want daddy. She doesn't say anything negative about school... which makes me feel a bit better.
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  • How is the weather where you are? As a prek teacher I see an influx of this as it gets colder. We are "stuck" in one room all day. Imagine going to work and literally being in one room all day... Don't leave to go potty, eat lunch, or even stretch your legs. While the children are usually too young to make the corelation themselves or be able to explain it even, it really seems to be the root of most of our morning break downs.
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  • DS goes through these phases. We stopped it by having him walk me to the classroom door we kiss. Then close the door. He then kisses me through the window that is more of a pass through to the hallway. He felt like he was more in control of the goodbye and has worked like a charm.
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  • My 2 1/2 year old has always been hit or miss. i work nights and it usually coincides with what time she went to bed the night before, as per my husband. The second I close the door I hear her laughing and playing.

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