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Open Letter Thursday!

Re: Open Letter Thursday!

  • Dear Nate,

    This *could* have made it to a brag. Since you are annoying the crap outta me with this new skill, it has made it to OLT.

    Stop,for the love of cheese, taking off your left shoe and sock every seated opportunity you get. It makes us look like wack-a-doodles. Crusing throught the big hospital when it is 40 degrees outside with one bare foot, makes mommy look incompetent. I can do that all on my own, little man.



    p.s. You are damn lucky I was paying attention to your stroller shoe/sock removal antics while in the airport. Your left foot should thank me for it's warm visit while in Wisconsin. Jus' Sayin'. 

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

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