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Concerta leading to depression/anxiety???? Pls help

We started ds1 on 18mg of concerta almost 2 months ago. He was diagnosed ADHD a year ago, but we didn't feel he needed the meds until this year, in 2nd grade. The hyper activity calmed down right away and his teacher noticed much more concentration at school. All was good and he was happy and in trouble less often!

Then about a month ago he started complaining of a sore tummy. Many people around us had the stomach flu so I brushed it off. For two weeks. Then I started noticing it hits him on the way to school, or when he wakes up. Never in the afternoon, and sometimes before bed. I get stomach cramps from anxiety so started thinking maybe that was where the pain was coming from.

Fast forward to today and we have a totally different child. The happy, funny boy has become morose, tired, crying all the time etc. The normal things that happen on the playground - playing with a group that moves on - throw him into a downward spiral. In the past, he'd just find another group to play with.  We've talked to him about this alot in the past week, and I've talked with his teacher, and there isn't any bullying going on, just normal stuff that is really upsetting him.

So, anyone experienced this with ADHD meds? We have an appt with his Ped tomorrow to changes meds, but it is heartbreaking to drop my 7 yr old at school when he is crying and trying to cling to me.

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Re: Concerta leading to depression/anxiety???? Pls help

  • My son just recently switched to Concerta.  Even before starting this med (he was on Focalin XR before) he would complain every morning his tummy hurt.  Many times it didn't start until time to leave for school.  He has never been much of a breakfast eater and we finally convinced him taking meds on an empty stomach wasn't good for him.  He no longer complains of tummy issues when he has had a decent breakfast.  You might look in to what he is eating of a morning and see if that is what is affecting his tummy.
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