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What kind of formula?

What kind of formula are you using?  I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my almost 6m old daughter and am thinking about supplementing or at least having some formula on hand if needed. I have no back up supply and it is really stressful everyday trying to pump enough for her for while I am at work. 
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Re: What kind of formula?

  • I was in the exact same situation as you. Around 12 weeks I decided I just couldnt keep up any longer. So I started supplementing with Similac Advanced. DS loved it. However, my son decided that after getting the formula while I was at work, that he was not going to take breastmilk any longer. But this is not always the case! The Similac Advanced agrees with him well and we have not noticed any negative aspects as of yet. Good Luck!
  • I think it is a little of a trial and error.

    We use Enfamil Infant (transitioned from Enfamil Newborn after 3 months) and DS never had a problem with it. That said, I know of some babies who needed to switch formulas a couple of times until they found one that they can tolerate.

    Good luck! 

  • We use Earth's Best Sensitivity as a supplement to BM. She gets about 50/50 and it has settled well with her so far.

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  • Similac advance is the largest selling infant formula brand, I would start there and if Lo has any issues try enfamil premium infant or gerber good start
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