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Pregnant Police Officers!

I am currently dealing with some discrimination issues at my department. If you are or were a police officer, does your department have a "pregnancy policy" in place? I have done a ton of research on the laws pertaining to pregnant women in law enforcement, but we have no policies in place and it's an uphill battle everyday for me with the administration. Any help would be appreciated! If your department has a "pregnancy policy" can you please respond back with the name of your agency or message me so I can do some more research to make my work environment fair. I hope to resolve these issues permanently!
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Re: Pregnant Police Officers!

  • My cousin is a cop and with her first baby she told everyone almost right away and then the force put her on desk duty and she was just CRUSHED!  Then with her second baby she waited till further along to tell because she LOVED her job and did not want to push a pencil.  Personally I think the force is just looking out for you and your baby and they do not want anything BAD to happen to either one of you.Smile

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  • Husband is LE, I know 2 woman who have been pregnant while in patrol I think his departments policy is once you have dr confirmation of the pregnancy you are required to go on light duty desk work you remain there until you have dr clearance to return to patrol. While you are on light duty, your spot on the patrol squad is saved and they are just down 1 person.
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  • I am a police officer and 3 months pregnant with my 3rd child. With my first two, I was in our investigations division so there wasn't a lot of changes there. I wasn't in a marked car and wasn't wearing a uniform, so they let me continue with what I was doing. With this baby, I am back on patrol so it has been a little different. Our policy *used* to be that we were put on *desk duty* immediately once they found out about the pregnancy. It is now changed and it is completely up to the officer and their doctor, unless of course you are completely slacking on your duties due to pregnancy related issues. We can work patrol until we (and our Dr's) don't feel it is safe to do so anymore. I plan to stay on patrol another few weeks. I will probably be around 15 weeks or so when I ask my Dr for a note releasing me. I hope that helps!

     Here is our policy:

    It is the policy of the Department to reassign pregnant employees, if requested by the employee or deemed necessary by the Department with consultation from employee's Doctor, to temporary assignments that will not routinely expose them to environments or activity potentially hazardous to the employee, the unborn child or the pregnancy.


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  • By federal law your department cannot force you to a light duty assignment. They also don't have to give you any special treatment. Basically they have to treat you like they would to any other officer who receive an off duty injury or a nonjob related illness. That's exactly what my department does.

    They prefer us to transfer to a desk job right away but our policy states it is based on our doctor's reccomendation.
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