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Hi All!  My LO just turned 4 months earlier this week.  She's starting to "talk" a little bit more, but I've only heard her laugh maybe once or twice.  She usually does a huge open mouth smile and no sound.. has anyone else experienced their baby just starting to babble or not really laughing yet? Or is it one of those things where every baby is different and she will get it in time?  My DH and I talk to her all the time and I read to her every day (which she loves), so she is surrounded with language/words, etc.  I just can't wait to hear those giggles and chatter!!

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  • My Little one is 4 1/2 months and will laugh every once in a while.  I think we've heard it less than 10 times.  Most of the time he smiles big open mouth smiles and he squeals a lot.

    DH and I can't get him to laugh.  He laughs for my mom and the daycare provider.... I guess he just doesn't find us to be that funny :(

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  • My LO did not realy start to laugh out loud until closer to 5 months.  Around 4 months it was just the open smile but no sound.  He does find his sisters funnier than his parents.  Smile
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  • My DS is doing the same. Big open smiles! "Talking" up a storm! But no giggles yet. I sooo desperately want to hear him laugh!
  • Our lo laughed nice right before 4 months and then wouldn't do it again till recently and it's still not too often that he does it. But he has talked up a storm for awhile now. Don't worry I'm sure it's coming soon and then they won't stop laughing which is fine by me because its the cutest noise I have ever heard
  • Thanks all!  I can't wait to hear much more of her chatter and her laughing!  She's been doing amazing with her grabbing and hand coordination.. so I was wondering if that came first for her and next will come more language.  I guess we'll see!  Thanks for the support Smile
  • Same here.  DS just opens his mouth in a wide smile without sound.  I try to tickle him to see if that will make him laugh but he just looks at me like Im a weirdo.

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