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lots of ear pain but no infection..?

Hi my almost 4 yr old DD just had that virus going around.  All my friends and the doc confirmed it, i don't know if other people are experiencing this too.  it's a few days of fever, vomiting, headaches/body aches, and then a cold afterwards.  we are in the cold phase now, very runny nose and congestion for the past 4 days or so.  well for that whole time she's been grabbing her ears (both at different times) and suddenly crying out that they hurt.  after 3 days, i took her to doc and her ears were fine.  ?!?!?!  so today the same thing is still happening.  anyone else ever have this occur?  she's never cried out and held her ears before, so i thought for SURE we'd be getting antibiotics.  i'm shocked it wasnt a double ear infection!

Re: lots of ear pain but no infection..?

  • My daughter had BAD ear pain last year, we brought her in and I was amazed there was no infection.  She was diagnosed with eustachian tube dysfunction. She was put on a nasal spray, that apparently helps with that (flonase). It did take a good few weeks to get her better, was terrible.  But, she hasn't had it since.  

    (+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
  • When im really stuffy some times I get a lot of pressure in my ears and then they feel like they are blocked. Maybe that's what she is feeling?
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  • thanks for your replies... we wound up heading out of town and i didn't get a chance to reply.  but i did read what you all wrote and thanks!  it seems like it was from the bad cold, we gave Benadryl when she really complained (only twice) and took lots of warm baths, and it's gotten better.  taking a while to get completely over it, but it sounds like what the pp mentioned.  thanks for your suggestions!!
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