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Kinda feel like my "team" is just me

I'm part of what used to be a 3 person team, but now we're down to two and my team mate is just mentally check out with all he's got going on. He spends a large chunk of the day on calls with his family, comes in around 10, leaves before 5. He's a nice guy and I don't have much reason to complain other than my portfolio keeps growing, his is staying at his 50% capacity level, and somehow some of my office mates think he's the acting team lead when he does so little and I have to keep on top of him to meet our deadlines. 

Thankfully my boss knows who's more driven here, but it's hard to keep on top of everything I'm responsible for when I have so many moving pieces. I would hand some of my portfolio over to my team mate if he were here more often. I'm trying to distance myself and my work from him a little bit so that people can start to appreciate my deliverables vs his. I don't want him to feel like I'm cutting him out, but if I keep CCing him on my communications, people might think he's overseeing my work in some way.

Any thoughts? I'm trying to shine without saying a word about his performance but at the same time make it clear when I'm not the one who missed the deadline.  

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Re: Kinda feel like my "team" is just me

  • I had this issue with my coworker earlier in the year. He has since moved on but was in our department for a long enough time that I think he just burned out and was going through the motions without really contributing much. It was tough because I also like him, considered him a friend, etc. but it was pretty obvious he just wasn't going to be much help with any of the projects we were assigned to. So, I just started taking care of all of it myself, but CCing my boss on everything and checking in with him frequently to let him know that things were getting done. I didn't rat my coworker out, but I knew that my boss got it. It's all turned out fine in the long run--my coworker moved on to a job he is much happier with, and my boss just put in for my promotion last week! Just keep at it and I'm sure you'll be rewarded for all your hard work.

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