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Do we have any here? I had a question about certs and I am a little unsure of some things. My DH is a corpsman in the navy and is getting out here soon. I found a test he can take to get his certificate and they do recognize military personnel, but how do you go about getting your license? We are so confused.


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  • My DH does Phelbotomy as a p/t thing for a national plasma place.

    As far as I know, they train and certify him as he has never had to attend any schooling to do so. I don't know where your DH is planning on doing phlebotomy, but maybe the potential employer will certify him?

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  • Thank you for the information. It would probably be in VA. 


  • There are a few routes he can take to become certified... though he does not have to be to land a phlebotomist job. The certification will possibly help him make more money. It really just depends on where you are living or will be living. ASCP is the certification that is supposively known nationwide, where AMT is usually on the West and East coast only. I haven't seen anyone in the midwest with an AMT certification turned away though, so maybe it doesn't matter anymore. Hopefully these help!



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