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Eating strike...again

DS has always been a "fussy" eater. When I was EBF he was this way and now with the bottle we've had our ups and downs. am i the only one with a LO that just doesn't really like to eat?? Whenever I talk with anyone with babies they always say their LO couldn't stop eating and never had a problem with getting their babies to drink milk. Every time I think we make progress we take a step back and he goes on these eating strikes. Granted he did have a slight fever and runny nose this week but he's just not interested in eating. He seems happy and content otherwise. Do you guys get concerned with your Lo's eating pattern? Does anyone else have the same problem with eating?

Re: Eating strike...again

  • I've been in your same boat for almost 2 months now.  I have to fight my almost 6 month old at every feeding to get him to drink.  I am luck if I can get 20 oz in him.  We have been working with a pediatric gastroenterologist and he's had several tests done, but nothing is "wrong" and we just can't get an answer.  Very frustrating!!  All my friends babies LOVE eating.  At least now we have started solids and my son actually loves eating off the spoon
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  • My little one was doing the same thing.  He is FF.  We were feeding generic Enfamil sensitive, and switched to SImilac sensitive.  He is a whole new eater.  Before we would fight to get him to eat, now he eats like a champ.  May be worth considering if he takes formula. 
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  • My DD is the exact same way. The best we have ever done is 27oz in one day. Right now its a fight to get down 24oz in a day. I am constantly worried sick over it. I also was told by our family doctor that we cannot start solids until at least 6 mos in hopes she gets more interested in her bottles.

    I also have tried to switch to a sensitive formula but she will not eat anything but her good start.  

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  •  Can I say that seeing a post likes this actually makes me feel better? I switched DS to the bottle about 2 weeks ago (still really sad over it) and he still just doesn't seem to like eating. He takes the bottle with no problem but just doesnt eat much. I thought he would do better after a few days but it is still a fight to get him to eat even 3 oz per bottle and he will go hours and hours without eating. On a good day, he might eat 23 or 24 oz.  

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