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when to get a new carseat?

When should I switch from a regular carseat to one of those ones where they like sit up? I think they are called convertible carseats. My baby is about 4 and a half months and I have noticed that some girls that have babies about a month older than mine have said they already have one and have had it for about a half a month or so. I'm not sure if they use it or the regular one but I have just seen pics of their baby in it.

It just seems like more hassle to Me to switch because then I don't have anything to carry baby in and I just have to carry her in my arms since she doesn't sit up or anything yet. Am I missing something?


Re: when to get a new carseat?

  • If you want to switch before your LO is too big for their infant seat, that's up to you. We did, because DS was WAY too heavy to lug around in his seat, so we went ahead and bought convertible car seats. Some people use them from the get-go, and never use an infant seat. Total personal preference.
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  • I'm totally clueless when it comes to all this. We have a Graco Snugride 35. We always carry him to and from the car in his carseat, it also fits into my Hauz stroller. Is this the kind of carseat you currently have? I don't think I know the difference..guess I've got some research to do.
  • Don't switch unless you want to.  You can keep using the infant seat as long as your LO still meets the height/weight requirements.  My kids are tiny and I use my Snugride 35 well past 1 years old.
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  • We switched to convertible seats around 4 months because Aria would scream the entire time she was in the infant seat. We had originally planned to use the infant seat until she out grew it. At it turns out, Aria gets car sick... it had nothing to do with the car seat.
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  • Thanks for the info! I wasnt really sure.
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