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Pouch food

We are making our own food for now, but I was intrigued by pouch foods. Ella brand, happy baby, and plum are all brands that seem the same to me?  Anyone have experience with any of these brands? I read reviews on amazon and all are pretty good ( there is sme discrepancy about iron content in Ella's but we are on the food before one is fun train). Any preference or opinions would be welcomed. They are pricy and I don't want it shell the money out buying three diff brands if one is better than another. 


Anyone use for stage 1 or two foods?


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Re: Pouch food

  • DD#1 loves the squeeze versions of purees and has since about a year.  I don't use them for regular feedings, though.  We use them as snacks or before meals, if she's starving and I'm cooking dinner.  We also use them when traveling.  We usually get the Plum, because BRU has them for $1 when on sale.  That's the best price I've found, so we stock up.

    As for the pouchs with more solid foods, DD didn't really love any of them.  She much prefered what I made for her.  But, in a pinch or while traveling, they'll do.  I would just buy one of each flavor and see what LO likes.



  • There are a couple of companies that make reusable squeeze pouches.  I have a few by Squeeze'ums but we haven't used them yet because our baby is only 3 1/2 months old.  I'm excited to use them...eventually!
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  • I like happy baby. Plum would be my second choice in pouches. Just make sure you always check ingredients, I found one the other day that had BUTTER as an ingredient. That's all fine and good, but the description sounded like it would be a plain fruit/veggie combo like the other ones.
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  • Sprout and Plum are great. I use to get them for DS1 all the time
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