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Crossed my legs, fought the urge to go...

Am I the only one who tries to wait as long as humanly possible to go to the bathroom when you're almost certain you're going to find AF?  I hold my breath, say a quick prayer, and can usually not bring myself to look for a few seconds.  It's silly, really.  I mean, what's done is done.  If it's coming, it's coming.  But I guess I just want to try to shield myself from heartbreak for just a few more minutes.  

For the last 2 days, this has been my pattern.  I was a tiny bit crampy, an extreme bit b*tchy, and threw up twice monday night.  Every time I felt like I had to pee, I had to give myself a freaking pep talk before I walked into the bathroom.  I had tested a little early, which of course came up negative.  Today was 15dpiui, the day the nurse told me to actually test (like any of us listen to them ever).  Anywell - I woke up this morning to AF and another mother trucking BFN.  I am officially a train wreck and am trying to get my shizz together to drive to RE's office and get my baseline ultrasound and figure out what to do next.  I'm a pretty sarcastic and often slightly cynical person, but I can't lie and say that I didn't have a little glimmer of hope that this cycle might actually work.  Silly me. 

Anyways... thanks for listening to my woes.  I hope that at least a few of you will turn your panic from having to pee into a super happy trip to the potty this cycle.  Fingers crossed for all of you.  



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Re: Crossed my legs, fought the urge to go...

  • You are not alone - when we were TTC (currently on break) every time I had to go to the bathroom around AF it was like a soap opera scene - looking/talking to myself in the mirror. Once I would see the flow, it was like looking at my baby opportunity doing down the drain. :::Hugs::: take some time to yourself today, have a glass of wine or two.
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    February 2013 IUI #2 (1.3 Mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 4 mature follicles - BFN
    March 2013 IUI #1-3 (2.5 mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, Baby Aspirin (lining thinned) TI & Progesterone - 2 mature follicles BFN
    April 2013 Benched due to cyst, May 2013 WTF appointment
    June 2013 DH SA mild MFI break for 2 months to re-test; August 2013 - DH SA 36 Mil count, 36% Motility, Morp 2%
    September - December 2013 - Mental sanity Break
    January 2014 - IUI #4
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    December 2014: IUI #4 Follitism 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, BFMFN

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  • image katyj25:
    Sorry about the BFN.
    I do just the opposite. I go to the bathroom more to look for AF.
    The only time I try to hold it too long is when I want to test.

    Me too. By the time I'm at the point when I think AF might show, I've already had several bfns and have stopped taking progesterone, so I'm actually eager for it to show so that I can move on and try again.

    My bathroom meltdowns happen around 14 or 15 dpo when I get that last bfn and know it didn't work.

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  • I'm sorry about the BFN.

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    12.2012 Clomid 100mg + TI = BFN

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    02.2013 Clomid 150mg + TI = BFN

    03.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    05.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    06.2013 Femara 7.5mg + TI = BFN

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  • I do this! I don't necessarily hold my pee but I do hold my breath when I go to the potty. I slowly take my clothes down hoping not to see AF. I'm super excited when she's not there because then I can add one more day to my dpo count.

    Sorry about the BFN.

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    DX: Fibroids, uterine polyps, tubal factor
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  • I'm sorry about the BFN.

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  • image katyj25:

    Sorry about the BFN.

    I do just the opposite. I go to the bathroom more to look for AF.

    The only time I try to hold it too long is when I want to test.

    Same here! I think I go at least 20x a day making sure she isn't coming. 

    OP - I'm sorry about the BFN. It always sucks when you really think maybe this is your month and it doesn't happen ((Hugs)) 

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  • Sorry about the BFN.  It sucks when you have good follicles, etc and you think to yourself "wow this may work this month" and then BAM AF shows up!

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  • I usually POAS and when it comes up negative, curse and call my ute awful names! But having thought that I could be the "exception" instead of "the rule", I remain hopeful that it is a false negative. Until AF shows up and triggers the full onslaught of tears and irrational self loathing. So, you're not alone and I will pray that once the tears and fruatration subside, hope will come that this is your cycle and success will be yours! Best of luck on a new start!
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    11/12 - 7.5 mg Femara + trigger + IUI + P4 = BFN
    12/12 - Surprise BFP ectopic (MTX 01/13)
    04/13 - Off the Bench! 7.5 mg Femara + trigger + IUI #2 + estradiol + P4 = BFN
    05/13 Clear HSG-5 mg Femara + Menopur + trigger + IUI #3 + P4 = BFP ectopic (MTX 07/03 & 07/11)
    07/23 emergency lap to remove ectopic mass and left tube
    10/13 5mg Femara + Menopur + trigger + TI(follie on left/no IUI)=BFN
    11/13 Same as above but BFP!
    Beta #1 12dpo-51     Beta #2 15dpo-178
    12/5- There's something in my ute!!
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  • I'm sorry about the BFN.
    TTC from May 2011 to Jan 2013. Due 9/11/13
  • So sorry about the BFN! I am one of those that go to the bathroom to much looking for AF. I always feel like its coming...... ::::HUGS::::
    ITS A GIRL!!! TTC 8/11 November Clomid 150mg+trigger+IUI+TI= BFP<br>
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  • I'm so sorry about the BFN :(
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    Expecting g/g twins Oct '13

  • I'm sorry about the BFN.

    No, I don't hold it when I'm expecting AF. I'm always afraid of accidents- the AF kind, not peeing in my pants!

  • So sorry about your BFN:(  The only time I truly believed I COULD be preganant (gasp!) was after my IUI.  I was on vacation when I knew I would find out.  I didn't necessarily hold it, but I did have to give myself the pep talk every time I went to the ladies room.  Funny thing is, I was about 4 days late that cycle (I so despise POAS and was enjoying being PUPO).  And just when I thought I was in the clear that biotch showed up an ruined my vacation.  IF sucks!!  ((hugs))

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