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Hot head

I keep going back and forth whether DD's warm head could be because of her teething or if it is an ear infection. I've posted before about only one of her ears that gets crusty on the inside - almost like excess ear wax since it is yellow - or if it is infected because it smells like funny like the smell of formula. I EBF so I know that formula didn't drip into her ear while feeding. I don't think it is breast milk that is dripping either since every time I give her a bath and clean it, it comes back. And only on one side. 

Her head ALWAYS feels like she has a fever, but every time I take her temp it is around 97 or 98 degrees. Any thoughts?

She does have teeth coming in so could it just be from teething or does any of this sound like something worth seeing the doc about? She isn't more or less fussy than usual.

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Re: Hot head

  • I'm not sure what to say about the ears but my LO's head always feels hot, too. She's like a little heater!! Although, when she actually DOES have a fever it feels much much hotter and I can tell the difference. Unfortunately, I had to wait til she actually had a fever to realize this.  How are you taking her temp?  Under armpit is add 1 degree, rectal is minus 1 degree and the temporal is same as rectal. 
  • Armpit, so her temp is usually 98. something.
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